Faculty Advisers: Susan Stodolsky, J 446, 702-1599;

Zalman Usiskin, J 333, 702-1560

Education is an area of practice and policy that is subject to scholarly inquiry from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Studies in education at the University of Chicago are not organized as a concentration. However, a variety of departments offer courses relevant to education and teaching. Courses relative to education are listed among various departments (e.g., psychology, public policy, sociology, and human development) and many can be counted as fulfilling undergraduate concentration requirements in those areas. Students interested in teaching in grades K-12 may find some of these courses appropriate for meeting the teacher certification requirements of various states.

Joint Degree Opportunities. The B.A./M.A.T. (Masters of Arts in Teaching) in Mathematics and English are offered through the Mathematics and English Language and Literature departments, respectively. These programs lead to certification to teach in grades 6-12 in Illinois and many other states. Students who are interested in either of these joint degree programs should (1) discuss their plans with their College adviser; (2) consult with Professor Zalman Usiskin (mathematics) or Professor George Hillocks (English) by autumn quarter of their third year; and (3) meet a significant portion of their B.A. requirements by the end of their third year. NOTE: These programs require work in the summer quarter preceding the senior year. Application is encouraged by the start of the winter quarter of the third year.


For a description of the numbering guidelines for the following courses, consult the section on reading the catalog on page 15.

For descriptions of the following courses, consult the relevant concentration sections of the catalog.


PSYC 20400/30400. Cognitive Psychology. V. Maljkovic. Winter.

PSYC 20500. Developmental Psychology (=HUDV 30700). J. Huttenlocher, S. Hans. Autumn.

PSYC 22500/32500. Cognitive Development. PQ: Consent of instructor. B. Bertenthal. Spring.

PSYC 23200. Language Development (=HUDV 31600). S. Goldin-Meadow, A. Woodward. Winter.

PSYC 24400. Observation of Child Behavior in Natural Settings (=HUDV 34400). S. Stodolsky. Spring.

PSYC 35900. Measurement Practice. B. Wright, J. Linacre. Winter.

PSYC 36000. Measurement Theory. B. Wright, J. Linacre. Spring.

PSYC 38600. Questionnaire Design (=SSAD 45100/55100). B. Wright, J. Linacre. Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Public Policy Studies

PBPL 25900. Social and Cultural Dimensions of U.S. Education Policy. PQ: Third- or fourth-year standing. L. Rosen. Spring.

Social Sciences

SOSC 20300. The Study of Education. S. Stodolsky. Winter.


SOCI 23000/33800. Educational Organization and Social Inequality (=PPHA 39300). C. Bidwell. Spring.

SOCI 27200/37300. Applications of Hierarchical Linear Models to Psychological and Social Research. PQ: Basic knowledge of matrix algebra and multivariate statistics. A. Bryk. Spring.

SOCI 27500/33700. The Institution of Education (=PPHA 39700). C. Bidwell. Winter.