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In the course and seminar descriptions that follow, the description is followed by the quarter(s) in which it is taught and the instructor name(s). More up-to-date course information is available on the Law School web page at The course descriptions below, however, provide a representative overview of the curriculum.

Key to course details:

Key Description
+ subject to prerequisites, co-requisites, exclusions, or professor permission
1L first year required course
a extends over more than one quarter
c/l cross listed
e first-year elective
m seminar
p meets the professional responsibility/ethics requirement
r papers may meet substantial research paper (SRP) graduation requirement
s meets the professional skills requirement
u simulation class
w meets writing project (WP) graduation requirement
x class available for bidding
(#) the number of Law School credit hours earned for successful completion of the course


First Year Courses

Second and Third-Year Offerings