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Joint Degree Programs

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Joint Bachelor's/Master's Programs

The University offers a number of joint degrees to students in the College. Interested students should meet with their advisers to discuss these programs.

Joint Bachelor's/Master's Programs

Joint BA-MA/MS programs permit qualified students to enter upon a course of graduate study while also completing their work in the College. Any department may decide to offer a joint program to those students accepted by the faculty. Departments and majors offering joint degrees include this information in the descriptions of undergraduate programs.  Applicants must have completed a significant portion of their undergraduate program before they can apply to master's level programs. Generally this means that students are admitted to candidacy for the master's degree during their fourth year in the College. During this year of graduate work, students will be billed for tuition at the graduate rate. Students should consult their College advisers, as well as the appropriate program chairman or program coordinator, for detailed information about these options.

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