Examination Credit and Transfer Credit

In order to earn a degree from the College of the University of Chicago, a student must obtain credit for at least forty-two quarter courses, distributed among general education requirements, major program requirements, and electives, as described in the section on the curriculum. All students receive credit toward their degrees by taking courses in the College. In addition, students may receive credit in the following ways: by placement test; by Advanced Placement (AP) examinations; by accreditation examination; by International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme; and by advanced standing, which is credit transferred from another institution. The limits and conditions placed on credit earned in these various ways are explained in this file. A student must be in residence at the University of Chicago for at least six quarters, full or part time, and must successfully complete a minimum of eighteen courses while in residence. More than half of the requirements for a major or minor must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.

This PDF file provides details on the following topics: