Note | Professional Option: Public Policy Studies Program


Students already admitted to the Professional Option: Public Policy Studies program may complete the program; beginning in 2016–17, new students will not be admitted to the program. Students interested in pursuing a joint degree should see the joint BA/MPP Program in Public Policy Studies

Professional Option: Public Policy Studies Program

The Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies offers a program to undergraduate students interested in early completion of an advanced professional degree. Students must submit applications to the Office of Admissions, Chicago Harris, in Autumn Quarter of their third year.

To be eligible, students must have completed 33 credits (of the 42 required for an undergraduate degree) by the end of their third year. Completed credit must include:

  • all 15 general education courses;
  • one-half of the requirements for a College major;
  • and one-half of the required number of electives.

At the end of their fourth year, having completed the first-year program of at least nine courses in the professional school, the student is awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Option: Public Policy Studies. Because students pursuing a professional option program do not complete the requirements for a College major, they are not eligible for departmental honors upon receiving their BA degree.

Before beginning the application process with Chicago Harris for this professional option program, students must meet with Pete Segall, the BA/MA adviser. Students should make this appointment early in their second year so that all College requirements can be met. For an appointment, call the College Advisers Reception Desk at 702.8615.