Where to Begin | Eligibility and Program Requirements | Application Process

Program Website: https://utep.uchicago.edu

The University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UChicago UTEP) is a five-year experience that includes a two-year master's degree program and three years of post-graduation supports. Through UChicago UTEP, candidates receive a master of arts in teaching (MAT) degree and Illinois teaching certification. There are two certification pathways, Elementary (grades 1–6) and Middle Grades (5–8).

The two pathways meet Illinois's new licensure structure and standards for teaching: (1) all core subjects in self-contained elementary grades 1–6; and (2) specific core subjects in departmentalized middle grades 5–8. 

UChicago UTEP offers a joint BA/MAT program for qualified fourth-year College students. All BA/MAT students participate in all aspects of UChicago UTEP alongside MAT students throughout the two years of the program. Through the BA/MAT program, fourth-year undergraduate students complete their BA while also completing the first year (Foundations Year) of the MAT program. Upon completion of the BA degree and the first year of the MAT program (Foundations Year), students enter the Residency Year of the program as full MAT students.

For more information about the two-year course sequence and practicum-related experiences, please visit the UChicago UTEP website.

Where to Begin

Undergraduate students interested in the BA/MAT program should begin by discussing this option with their College adviser as well as speaking with Diane Wright, UChicago UTEP student services administrator and recruiter/admissions coordinator. The purposes of these discussions are to ensure that interested students are far enough along in their undergraduate program to complete the major requirements for the BA (with the exception of a BA thesis, if required) by the end of the third year in the College and to ensure that core course requirements for UTEP have also been met.

Interested students are advised to begin these discussions with their College adviser in the Spring Quarter of their second year in the College to determine feasibility of the program before applying to the joint program in the Autumn Quarter of the third year. Prior to application, students must meet with the College adviser again to fill out the eligibility worksheet provided by the College as part of the application process.

Eligibility and Program Requirements

  • UChicago UTEP is open to all College majors.
  • Students should have a 3.0 GPA or higher in their undergraduate major at time of application to UTEP.
  • By the end of the third year in the College, students are expected to have completed 36 of the required 42 courses to matriculate into the BA/MAT program, including all general education requirements before entering the BA/MAT program as a fourth-year dual degree student. Up to six courses can be double counted between the BA and MAT programs.
  • For Illinois teaching certification, the following general education requirements must be met prior to entering the BA/MAT program. These requirements can be met through the general education requirements for all College students.
    • One science course (in any of the following areas: life, physical/chemistry, earth science, space science)
    • Two social science courses (in any of the following areas: history, geography, civics and government, economics, anthropology)
    • One mathematics course (in any of the following areas: college-level math, number sense, geometry, probability and statistics, calculus)
    • One fine arts course (in any of the following areas: music, art, dance, etc.)
  • BA Thesis Requirements
    • As a part of fitting the required components of the College and the UChicago UTEP program into the fourth year, UTEP will provide the equivalent of the BA Seminar to College students who complete the BA/MAT program. This will be offered to BA/MAT participants who do not enroll in the BA Seminar in the Spring Quarter of their third year. As such, UTEP BA/MAT program enrollees in majors such as sociology and comparative human development will continue to register for the BA Seminar within their department. For UTEP BA/MAT program enrollees who are in majors such as public policy studies, which have the BA Seminar in the Autumn Quarter of the fourth year, UTEP will offer a replacement BA Seminar. Students must seek and receive approval from their major departments for this exception.
    • The UTEP BA Seminar will mirror the approach and content that is included in the BA Seminar in other departments, including instruction and advising in identifying a thesis topic, data collection, research methods, constructing a literature review, and creating a final thesis.
    • For UTEP BA/MAT students, a BA focused on an approved education-related topic will fulfill the final paper requirements for the Autumn and Winter Quarter Foundations of Education courses.
  • Students enter joint residency status during the three quarters prior to the anticipated date of College graduation, during which time they will be charged tuition at the UTEP master’s rates. Students will carry over their undergraduate financial aid for the joint fourth year. Students may qualify for graduate-level financial assistance during the fifth (full year) of UTEP.

Application Process

Application for admission to UChicago UTEP should be completed during Autumn Quarter of the student’s third year in the College.

Applicants must submit the following items:

  • Online application (including three letters of recommendation)
  • Official transcripts
  • A Composite ACT Plus Writing score of 22 or higher with a minimum score of 19 on the Combined English/Writing or a Composite SAT score of 1030 or higher on Critical Reading plus Mathematics, with a minimum score of 450 on Writing if taken before March 5, 2016, or a Composite SAT score of 1110 (Evidence-based Reading and Writing plus Mathematics) or higher, and a minimum score of 26 on the Writing and Language Test for the Redesigned SAT taken on or after March 5, 2016, in lieu of the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS/Illinois Licensure Testing System or ILTS) Basic Skills or Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) exams. If the SAT score is submitted, it must include the writing subtest.
  • The GRE exam is not required for admission. 
  • If the application meets the criteria, students will be invited to an in-person interview during the Winter Quarter of their third year in the College.

For more information, please email Diane Wright, UChicago UTEP student services administrator and recruiter/admissions coordinator, at dianenew@uchicago.edu.