The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) provides comprehensive advising and institutional support for undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships. Students benefit from a wide range of information sessions and targeted workshops on specific opportunities, as well as on how to write research proposals and personal statements, how to build relationships with faculty, how to secure strong letters of recommendation and how to create a comprehensive curriculum vitae for use in securing research experiences, grants and fellowships. 

Students also benefit from high-impact individual advising about getting started in research, identifying research opportunities and counsel on making research public through presentations publications. Undergraduates interested in applying for nationally and internationally competitive fellowships benefit from extensive advising about preparing and applying for opportunities including, but not limited to: the Fulbright US Student ProgramKnight-Hennessy ScholarsSchwarzman ScholarsYenching Academy ScholarsNational Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and the Marshall, RhodesTrumanGates CambridgeMitchellChurchillGoldwaterUdall, and Beinecke scholarship programs.

CCRF staff members provide general support to all students by helping them to identify relevant opportunities and assist them in strategically planning for those opportunities, closely mentor students through rigorous application processes, and facilitate campus endorsement procedures when relevant. CCRF Research staff also assist faculty in supporting current research opportunities and aiding in the creation and curating of new opportunities.

Undergraduates can access a searchable database of undergraduate research opportunities – including funding – and guidance on getting involved in research on the CCRF website. Students can also search the national fellowship opportunities database – which also includes UChicago-based funding on the CCRF website as well.

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for the CCRF weekly listserv to stay up to date about opportunities, deadlines, and relevant information sessions. Individual advising appointments are strongly recommended for any student in getting involved in undergraduate research or applying to national scholarships, fellowships, or postgraduate opportunities. Appointments can be made through Appointment Manager via the CCRF website.