Non-Calculus Courses | Calculus Sequences

The courses that satisfy the general education requirement in the mathematical sciences present broadly applicable techniques for formulating, analyzing, and solving problems, and for evaluating proposed solutions. Options to complete this requirement include some Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics offerings, including calculus.

Students may select from the following lists of courses.

Non-Calculus Courses

All non-calculus options may be taken individually or, when available, as a sequence. These courses may also be combined to fulfill 200 units of general education requirements (i.e., MATH 11200 and STAT 20000). Students who satisfy the requirement with something other than calculus will take 100 or 200 units of approved non-calculus course work. If only 100 units are used for the mathematical sciences requirement, an additional 100 units will be taken in either the physical or biological sciences categories (for a total of 300 units).

CMSC 10200Introduction to Programming for the World Wide Web II100
CMSC 11000-11100Multimedia Programming as an Interdisciplinary Art I-II200
CMSC 15100-15200Introduction to Computer Science I-II200
CMSC 16100-16200Honors Introduction to Computer Science I-II200
MATH 11200-11300Studies in Mathematics I-II200
One of the following courses: #100
Elementary Statistics
Statistical Methods and Applications

Calculus Sequences

Students must meet the mathematical sciences requirement with the first two quarters of a calculus sequence if they are preparing for the health professions or if they anticipate majors in the Physical or Biological Sciences, Economics, Psychology, or Public Policy Studies. Other restrictions may apply. Students should consult their College adviser or departmental counselor about course choices. Those who take calculus must earn credit for the first two quarters of a calculus sequence (200 units).

Information regarding calculus placement can be found on the Examination Credit page.

MATH 13100-13200Elementary Functions and Calculus I-II200
MATH 15100-15200Calculus I-II ^200
MATH 16110
  &  16210
Honors Calculus I (IBL)
   and Honors Calculus II (IBL)
MATH 16100-16200Honors Calculus I-II200