General Education Course Options

The general education requirement in the arts provides an introduction to methods for analyzing, comprehending, and appreciating works of dramatic, musical, or visual art by examining their formal vocabularies and how these vocabularies are used to create meaning. This is accomplished either by the intensive study of selected masterpieces or by producing original works. 

The courses that satisfy this requirement, listed below, come from a variety of departments and are designed not as specialized introductions to one single field or creative practice, but instead are expressly designed to broadly investigate the arts through study and practice. For that reason, only these courses can be used to satisfy the general education requirement in the arts. Substitutes, including upper-level electives, will not be approved. 

General Education Course Options

ARTH 10100Introduction to Art100
ARTH 14000 through ARTH 16999. Art Surveys100
ARTH 17000 through ARTH 18999. Art in Context100
ARTV 10100Visual Language: On Images100
ARTV 10200Visual Language: On Objects100
ARTV 10300Visual Language: On Time and Space100
ARTV 16210Media Art and Design Practice100
CMST 14400Film and the Moving Image100
CMST 14500 through CMST 14599. Topics in Cinema and Media Studies100
CRWR 12100 through CRWR 12199. Introduction to Genres or Reading as a Writer100
CRWR 18200Poetry and the Human III100
MUSI 10100Introduction to Western Art Music100
MUSI 10200Introduction to World Music100
MUSI 10300Introduction to Music: Materials and Design100
MUSI 10400Introduction to Music: Analysis and Criticism100
TAPS 10100Drama: Embodiment and Transformation100
TAPS 10200Acting Fundamentals100
TAPS 10300 through TAPS 10699. Text and Performance100
TAPS 10700Introduction to Stage Design100

See the departmental pages under Programs of Study for information on specific course offerings planned for the 2018–19 academic year.

  • CRWR 18200 Poetry and the Human III and ARTV 16210 Media Art and Design Practice are affiliated with HUMA 18000-18100-18200 Poetry and the Human I-II-III and HUMA 16000-16100-16200 Media Aesthetics: Image, Text, Sound I-II-III, respectively. They are offered in Spring Quarter, simultaneous with the third course in the humanities sequence. First-year students satisfying the general education requirement in the humanities with one of those sequences will have priority in enrollment for the associated arts course.
  • The departments that offer courses for the general education requirement in the arts may require or encourage students in their major to complete this requirement in a specific way. Be sure to check the department's page under Programs of Study.
  • Students who completed TAPS 28400 History and Theory of Drama I or TAPS 28401 History and Theory of Drama II prior to Autumn 2016 may count those courses toward this general education requirement. However, they are no longer approved for the requirement in the arts.