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Students pre-register for their Autumn Quarter courses during the Summer Quarter, and for their Winter and Spring Quarter courses during Autumn and Winter Quarters, respectively. Prior to Autumn Quarter, each student must confirm that they will be a registered student in Autumn Quarter. To confirm, please visit the Annual Confirmation page.

Registration Changes

Course registration may be changed during the first three weeks of each quarter. A change of registration is any course "drop," any course "add," or any substitution of one course for another. No changes in registration are permitted after Friday of third week without a petition to a dean in the Office of the Dean of Students. For details, visit


The privilege of registration (as well as the use of University services and facilities) will be denied students who have been placed on restriction. Restriction may result from a student's failure to fulfill financial obligations to the University or to comply with University rules and regulations. Whenever possible, students are warned of an impending restriction and are notified when one has been imposed. Students must clear the restriction with the administrative or academic office which imposed it before they can register for subsequent quarters. For more information, visit Restrictions are also listed in the student's account on