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Class Attendance

It is the expectation of the College that students will attend all classes for which they have registered. Nevertheless, it is up to the individual department, faculty member, or instructor to set the attendance policy for their individual courses. Students should keep in mind that attendance at the first class is required in many courses to confirm enrollment. Many courses will automatically drop students who do not attend the first class meeting or even the entire first week of class meetings. The academic calendar can be found at

Course Load

A full-time course load is three or four courses per quarter; the tuition is the same in either case. Over the typical four-year program (twelve quarters), a student normally registers for at least six 400-unit quarters and as many as six 300-unit quarters. Students are expected to register for a full-time course load Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters, i.e., 300 or 400 units per quarter, throughout their undergraduate career. 

Students who wish to take a fifth course in a given quarter, pushing them over 400 units of credit, must formally petition the Dean of Students in the College for permission to do so. To confirm the professor’s willingness to allow a late registration into the course and the student’s participation in the course, the petition must include a signed consent form from the professor. The petition will be considered in Week 3 of the quarter, at which time, if it is approved, the student will be registered and billed for the fifth course. NOTE: The tuition costs of a fifth course are not covered by financial aid. See for the breakdown of College tuition rates.

Although students may progress at varying rates toward the degree, no student may register for more than 12 quarters without the permission of the Dean of Students in the College. No student may register for more than 13 quarters. 

Examination Schedule

Students should verify that travel arrangements do not conflict with their final examinations. For the College examination schedule, visit

Leaves of Absence and Withdrawals

Students planning a leave should consult with their College adviser and also arrange for an interview with one of the deans in the Office of the Dean of Students. For full tuition refund, a leave of absence must be arranged either at the end of the quarter prior to the leave or by Friday of first week of the quarter that a student is going to be on leave. For the refund schedule, visit

In connection with certain leaves (e.g., some medical leaves or leaves taken because of behavioral issues), the dean of students may require, among other things, information from a physician or therapist as a condition for resumption of studies. All conditions are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Students who decide not to return to the College must formally withdraw their registration. To do so, students should contact the Office of the Dean of Students in the College. At the time of withdrawal, students are advised of the conditions under which they may resume their studies in the College. For a complete overview of College policies regarding leaves of absence and withdrawals, visit

Reading Period

Two days of every academic quarter (Thursday and Friday of tenth week) are designated "College Reading and Review Period." Instructors and/or teaching assistants may hold review sessions on these days. However, no new material may be introduced, assignments may not be due, and final examinations may not be given (except as necessary for graduating students) during the reading period. The Reading and Review Period may not be dispensed with by classroom vote.

Repetition of Courses

When a student repeats a course, both courses appear on the student's transcript and both grades are averaged into the student's GPA. However, only one registration for the course counts toward the total number of credits required for graduation.

In the quarter that a course is repeated, students on financial aid must register for 300 units in addition to the repeated course unless (1) a failing grade was received in a course that a student needs to meet general education requirements or requirements in their major or (2) the student’s major mandates a higher grade than was previously received.