Qualified College students may receive both a bachelor's and a master's degree in mathematics concurrently at the end of their studies in the College. Qualification consists of satisfying all requirements of each degree in mathematics. To be eligible for the joint program, a student must begin MATH 20700 Honors Analysis in Rn I in the Autumn Quarter of the student's first year. By following a program of prescribed undergraduate course sequences in mathematics and succeeding in all courses with grades no lower than A-, the student becomes eligible to enroll in graduate courses in mathematics in the student's third year. While only a few students complete the joint BA/MS program, many undergraduates enroll in graduate-level mathematics courses. Admission to all mathematics graduate courses requires prior written consent of the director or co-director of undergraduate studies.

Students should submit their application for the joint program to one of the departmental counselors as soon as possible, but no later than the Winter Quarter of their third year. For more information, contact John Boller, Departmental Counselor, at 773.702.5754 or boller@math.uchicago.edu.