This program enables unusually well-qualified undergraduate students to complete an MS in Statistics along with a BA or BS during their four years at the College. The BA or BS can be in any field, not necessarily Statistics. Outstanding undergraduates in any major are welcome to apply.

Only a small number of students will be selected for the program through a competitive admissions process. Participants must apply to the MS program in Statistics by June 1 of their third year for admission to candidacy for an MS in Statistics during their fourth year. To be considered, students should have completed almost all of their undergraduate requirements, including all of their general education and language competence requirements, by the end of their third year. They should also have completed, at a minimum, both STAT 24400-24500 Statistical Theory and Methods I-II (or STAT 24410-24510 Statistical Theory and Methods Ia-IIa) with A or A- grades and all the mathematics requirements for the Statistics BA with very high grades. While these are the minimum criteria, admission is competitive, and additional qualifications may be needed. Interested students are strongly encouraged to consult both the departmental adviser for majors and their College adviser early in their third year.

Participants in the joint BA/MS or BS/MS program must meet the same requirements as students in the MS program in Statistics. Of the nine courses that are required at the appropriate level, up to three may also meet the requirements of an undergraduate program. For example, STAT 24410-24510 Statistical Theory and Methods Ia-IIa and STAT 34300 Applied Linear Stat Methods, which satisfy requirements for the MS in Statistics, could also be used to satisfy requirements of a BA or BS program in Statistics. At least six of the courses counting toward the MS degree must be undertaken in the fourth year. 

Other requirements include a master's paper and participation in the Consulting Program of the Department of Statistics. For details, visit


Undergraduate Primary Contact

Director of Undergraduate Studies and Departmental Adviser for Majors and Honors
Dr. Yibi Huang
Jones 207
773.702.2519 or 773.702.8333

Undergraduate Secondary Contact

Undergraduate Program Chair
Prof. Mary Sara McPeek
Jones 318
773.702.7554 or 773.702.8333

Administrative Contact

Admissions & Student Affairs Specialist
Keisha Prowoznik
Jones 222A