The Pritzker School of Medicine's Accelerated Medical Scholars Program (“AMSP”) permits undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding potential for success in medicine to begin medical school during their fourth year in the College. This is a highly competitive, merit-award program.

Through this program, students will, upon completion of the first year of medical school at Pritzker, be allowed to use credit from their medical school courses to fulfill the remaining nine credits for the undergraduate degree. At the successful conclusion of their first year of medical school, students completing their degree in this fashion will receive the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Option: Medicine. Because students pursuing a professional option program do not complete the requirements for a College major, they are not eligible for departmental honors upon receiving their bachelor's degree.

Because of the accelerated nature of the curriculum, applicants must have outstanding academic credentials as evidenced by a combination of GPA and MCAT scores placing them among the top candidates for medical school in the country. This combination requires a GPA of 3.7 and MCAT scores not less than 515 (or 90th percentile) with no individual section score less than the 83rd percentile. Students must take the MCAT by the last administration date in January of the year of medical school matriculation.

The student must complete 33 credits by the end of the third year in the College. These 33 credits must include all 15 general education requirements and one-half of the major requirements. In addition, a year each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, general physics, and biology, all with laboratory, must have been completed. One quarter of the organic chemistry can be replaced by one quarter of biochemistry. AP credits for introductory science courses are acceptable but additional credits of science course work (including laboratory) must be taken in replacement. In addition to the academic requirements above, applicants must satisfy all appropriate requirements for graduation as stated in Programs of Study.

Along with proven academic accomplishment and promise, successful applicants must have a demonstrable commitment to a career as a physician or physician scientist. Successful applicants should show evidence of analytical thinking, effective communication skills, leadership, and engagement in the various communities in which they participate.

Interested students should schedule an appointment with their Careers in Healthcare (CIH) adviser early in their second year, and in the Autumn Quarter of their third year will need to meet with their College adviser to evaluate their curricular progress.

The deadline for applications is in late February every year. Admissions decisions will be completed by the end of April. Until an offer of admission is made, students may withdraw their application. Once an acceptance offer is made, the decision is binding.

Consult the Office of Admissions at the Pritzker School of Medicine for details: