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For honors within a major, students should refer to that department's program description for the eligibility requirements. Students are awarded general honors at the time of graduation if their overall GPA is 3.25 or above. For the purposes of assessing eligibility for honors, major GPA and overall GPA are calculated based on courses taken in all quarters except for the quarter in which the student plans to graduate. For information on course work that does not contribute to the GPA, see the Grades section of Grading and Academic Status in this catalog.


Any student who wishes to appeal for special consideration under a College regulation or an interpretation thereof may file a petition with the Dean of Students in the College. Students are encouraged to speak to their adviser for more information.

Requirements for the Degree

The College awards the BA or the BS degree to qualified students who are recommended by the faculty. In order to qualify for the degree, students must complete the following:

  1. The general education requirements
  2. The requirements of a major program
  3. The minimum number of electives
  4. The language competency requirement
  5. Course credit for a minimum of 42 quarter courses (4200 units): This number may be reached in part by examination where appropriate. For students matriculating in Autumn 2017 or later, of the 4200 units, 3800 units of credit must be earned by course enrollment. Course enrollments may include direct enrollment study abroad programs affiliated with the College and approved transfer credit.
  6. An overall GPA of 1.75 and a GPA of 2.0 in the major
  7. A residency requirement: A student must be in residence at the University of Chicago campus for at least six quarters and must successfully complete a minimum of 1800 units of credit while in residence. NOTE: Certain College-sponsored study abroad programs (chiefly the civilization studies programs) may be used to meet this residency and course requirement.
  8. Completion of a degree application prior to the quarter in which the degree is to be received
  9. Payment of all outstanding bills and return of all equipment and library books

Twelfth Grade Certificates

Students who entered the College before graduation from high school and who expect to qualify for a Twelfth Grade Certificate in the Spring Quarter should file an application with the registrar before the first week of Spring Quarter of their first year. In order to be eligible for the certificate, they must have completed during their first academic year a minimum of nine courses with an overall GPA of 1.75 or higher. Certificates are mailed following the end of Spring Quarter. No certificate is awarded without an application.